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Vaughan Irrigators have been manufacturing low pressure travelling irrigators since 1992, and in that time have established themselves as the leader in the market.

Initially the irrigators were designed for effluent distribution, and 80% of the 4500 irrigators Vaughan have sold have been for that purpose. In recent years the irrigators have been bought by farmers, who not only wish to spread effluent and take advantage of the natural fertilisers from their dairies and piggeries, but also to water small acreages of up to 40 or 50 acres. By using a small travelling irrigator many farmers are realising the benefits of spray irrigation compared to flooding. Not only is spray irrigation better for their crops, but also approximately 70% of the water they previously used in flooding is no longer required and better crop results have been achieved.

The Vaughan Irrigator has proven itself over time to be very reliable and trouble free, extremely easy to use, and because of the desire to remain at the front of the market have been the innovators of improvements in design, such as the smooth operating, and low pressure sumpmaster cam. This cam allows the irrigator to operate at pressures as low as 10 psi, where other irrigators on the market will stop operating at around 18 psi. The other advantage of the irrigators is that you don’t need expensive high pressure pumps and pipes, you can operate the irrigator using a fire fighting pump, which means the whole system becomes extremely portable if desired.

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