Installation and Operating Instructions for Standard Irrigators

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11 Meter Extension

If you have purchased an 11mtr extension kit you will have three triangles, one on each of the outer arms, and on which fits over the flat piece of steel above the riser.

First use plumber’s tape on the thread of the riser. Take your extension body, making sure the nuts and bolts on the centre flange are done up tight, and place it over the riser and screw the riser up tightly into the flange. Use a pair of stillsons. Then place the centre triangle over the flat.

Secondly follow the previous assembly instructions on page one.

Now you can attach the four long and two short cables.

Take the four long cables and with the cable clamps supplied attach two cable ends to the two chain links on the centre triangle, two cables on each side, run the cables each way to the other triangles on the outer arms and attach to the chain links making sure the cable is pulled up as tight as possible.

Now attach a small cable to the outer triangle on one of the links. Do this on each arm. Take the fully opened turn buckle placing the hook in the clamp on the outer arm. The small cable then passes through the eye of the turn buckle and back up to the opposing chain link, be sure to pull the cable tight while fixing the cable clamp. Now turn the turn buckles to tighten the cables.

Travel Speed Adjustment

The speed of the irrigator is determined by the "R" clip in one of the four, or five (depending which model), holes in the base of the irrigator, which is located at the bottom of the pivoting mechanism.


VCI Mk 1 & 2 assembly and instructions

When you receive your irrigator it will most likely be packed onto a pallet. Unpack you irrigator and lay everything on the ground.

If you have a VCI - Mk2 now is the time to place the two 25 x 25mm uprights over the ends of the arms and tighten them about 200mm from the outer tag pointing upwards.


Travel Speed Adjustment

The speed of the irrigator is determined by the "R" clip in one of the five holes in the rod at the base of the irrigator directly below the cog, at the bottom of the pivoting mechanism.



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