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The Manurigator

The Manurigator is the most advanced liquid manure disposal system, incorporating a total stainless steel water way.

Manurigator features

The Australian quality built Manurigator will return valuable fertiliser to your pasture; in four years it could pay for itself. For example, nutrients collected at a dairy shed for 120 cows (per lactation):

    Elemental kg Fertiliser equivalent
  Nitrogen 420 913 kg urea
  Phosphorus 45 500 kg single superphosphate
  Potassium 977 1954 kg potash


Legal responsibilities

Schedule D1 of the SEPP (Waters of Victoria) specifically states that milking shed wastes have to be applied to land in such a manner that precludes runoff from the property or pollution of groundwater. This means that both raw wastes and wastes from any treatment and/or storage lagoons must be contained on your property at all times.

It also sets down the following set back distances for the application of wastes to land:
(i) not within 800 metres of any potable water supply off-take controlled by a statutory authority;
(ii) not within 200 metres of any watercourse supplying potable water;
(iii) not within 100 metres of any surface water.

Manurigator specifications (standard model)


Check the Optional extras and Hose layout and selection.

For maximum distribution control of manure or water and easy handling, choose the Manurigator. Ask your local distributor for a demonstration! We reserve the right to change specifications without notice in the development of this product.


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